New Music: 50 Cent “Stop Crying”

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50’s Big 10 is on the way . . . stop crying . . .

You have to look at everything very closely that do from this moment on. Tonight track 1. STOP CRYING were all gonna die. #SK BIG 10. You fools think I need a buzz lol. I’m the GENERAL in hiphop what they call a war is a walk in a park for me. You’ll see hahaha streetking. Stop crying pay attention to details in art. Why this song first cause this is the BIG 10. If U look close U will find the names of several great generals in my face. I have no eyes, no windows 2 my soul. This Is coldest sh*t. I had to use a BIG line its THE BIG 10 1. STOP CRYING I’m on some other sh*t. Ill remind U why iv gone DIAMOND twice. Street King. 

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