News: Are Recent Mixtape Promotions Beginning To Backfire And Harm Album Sales?

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Some of the more recent Mixtapes that have been released contain actual hit material, with original instrumentals, higher quality production & are even loaded with features… Our question is “are fans becoming disappointed with the retail album in result of this?” We’ve been discussing this hot topic with fans all over the world via our Twitter account @Hitstape!

What we are finding in our research is that there are countless tweets from fans that are comparing an artist’s Mixtape to their Album, some say they love both and agree that both products serve their own purpose but the majority seem to say they enjoy the Mixtape more than the actual album! Now, we at Hitstape know that albums are usually made to please a wider range of listeners, there is usually a different type of song to appeal to different markets to broaden the artist’s fan base. They’ll have a song for the ladies, a club hit, a street single and other types of songs placed through out the album which generally are referred to as “filler tracks”. When creating a Mixtape the artist tends to be more creative and take more risks or even just be more of themselves as there are less industry pressures upon them with the release of music for promotional purposes.

Even though Mixtapes have become the industry’s promotional tool of choice in recent years, an artist that drops a Mixtape usually for free download generally tends to be a “lower budget” version of an album that often contains cheesy artwork and recycled instrumentals… not to mention you’ll be lucky if there isn’t a Dj screaming over each track.

With “Super Mixtape’s” like Rick Ross’s #RichForever & even his artist Meek Mill’s #DreamChasers2 being released, it literally blew away most of the competition. With more of a budget and promotion behind them, almost as if it was an actual album they have certainly managed to produce some of the greatest Mixtapes to date, however, with their albums dropping months later in retail stores and on i-tunes, what happens when the fans begin to argue that the Mixtape was much more appealing than the album? Not to mention the Mixtape was an instant free download!

Does this confuse the consumer? Do they buy the album? The consumer may already have the most recent Mixtape, is still enjoying the songs on it plus may have heard that the album isn’t worth purchasing because the “Mixtape was better,” especially when they have the option of conveniently downloading a bootleg version of the album to investigate themselves.

Does that uncertainty in the consumer actually increase the amount of illegal downloads or pirated versions of the albums?

Have a look at some of the tweets by fans that we’ve re-tweeted as a part of our mission as an upcoming label to prove the demand for our product line #Hitstape , when the Mixtape sounds better than the albums! Hitstape™ is our new music innovation that offers artists & major labels an alternate avenue to release their music but not in the form of a typical free Mixtape or a traditional Album release. It’s not an Album, it’s not a Mixtape… it’s a Hitstape! We are here to separate the emerging artists from the already established one. We have yet to release a debut compilation or solo Hitstape but we’re working towards that with the launch of our new music label Hitstape.

There is countless tweets every minute of everyday being sent out by fans everywhere just like these!

Hitstape™ is a Registered Trade-Mark

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