News: 15 Years Later 2Pac’s Influence & Legacy Lives Within Fans Forever . . . R.I.P. (Sept.13.96)

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After 15 Years HipHop’s still gracing one of it’s most influencial rappers of all time, 2Pac . . . On Sept. 13, 1996, Pac died from gunshot wounds he’d suffered six nights earlier…

We Miss You Pac!!!

Snoop Dogg: “His legacy is deeper than people could ever imagine. I been all over the world and the Tupac legacy is so deep. You got people believing that he’s still here. He gave people a different train of thought. You can be a thug, but be an intelligent thug. I see gangsters now walking around with laptops and becoming smarter. I attribute that to him because he was a thinker. He made people that were around him think,”

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