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Overall the tape definitely resembles it’s original (Cabin Fever) which is a good thing, it’s nice to hear Wiz on some “harder” style tracks after hearing a lot of the radio & T.V. singles. It’s almost like a good mix between Wiz’s original “Cabin Fever” & a bit of the “Taylor Allderdice” project, you know, those super laid back joints. However, this defiantly is where you are going to get that raw Khalifa, Cabin Fever 2.

14 Tracks deep, Wiz Khalifa’s “Cabin Fever 2” Mixtape is out now & available for free download. Here’s a breakdown of the Mixtape in terms of production quality, originality, collaborations, lyrics and more. The tape starts off strong with one of our favourite songs “Bout Me.” That bell loop in the beat is quite reminiscent of those eerie Cabin Fever style beats. This beat has some bass and lower octave strings that reminded me of E-40’s recent hit “Function”.

This mixtape features 5 Juicy J collaborations, the song “M.I.A.” is one of the tracks he is on, just the right kind of instrumental for a Juicy verse. Quite fond of this track, the hook really sets things off with Wiz rapping about the life of a rapstar, taking flights overseas, naming cities that he has been touring, performing & travelling to. Juicy J gets on a verse and lets us know how well he’s livin’ too.

Song number 4, “Pacc Talk” reminds me more of something we herd on Khalifa’s “Taylor Allderdice” project with that more laid back, ridin’ & smokin’ feel to it! Nice track altogether, it also features Juicy & Problem. “Ridin Round” which features, you guessed it! Juicy J, is a certified banger! Produced by Cozmo, this beat has that warm sample that sit’s over top of those hard knockin’ drums & it really works nicely! The track has a “good vibe” feeling with a nice long outro featuring Juicy breaking it all down, “there will always be cash & hoes, drugs, stripclubs aint gon’ never close.”

Now back to some “Cabin Fever” sh*t! Track number 6! “Smokin Drink” is that “trippy shit” you just want to get loaded to before you go out! A great pre-drinking anthem, this one will defiantly get you in the zone. Since Wiz got you all turnt up the next song could’t possibly sit anywhere else on this track list but right here, number 7. “Stu” = “So Turnt Up”, another classic “Cabin Fever” trap sounding beat. Wiz rocks his verses as per usual & lace’s the hook with a melodic style of vocals before it switches to a chant that turns up a little more with some Juicy J over it.

“Bout That” is more like a “Pacc Talk” type of sounding song, laid back, but defiantly something to ride through the hood with your windows down (smoking optional). “Im Feelin” number 9, features a few different rappers (including Juicy J of course) this one got Wiz feelin’ like he “da man!” Number 10, “Deep Sleep” is quite sonically pleasing, nicely performed vocals in the intro and outro, a really relaxing feeling, almost trance like. Sounds like some vocal transformations within the beat, almost g-funk’ish (westcoast style) really old school vibe. The song “100 Bottles” is pretty self explanatory, spending money just to say they did it! “Make the club look like the 4th of July.”

Our friend Chevy Woods comes out of the “woods” by song number 12, “Thuggin”, good to hear Chevy is still has Cabin Fever! After hearing his classic appearances on the original “Cabin Fever” I highly anticipated hearing more Chevy on this project. The beat is on some definite “CF” sh*t, those deep pianos, trap style hi hats, hard hitting kicks & snares. The breakdowns where the kicks change up (pre chorus) helps break up the beat a bit before that hook comes in which is nice because it makes the track less “loopy” or repetitive.

“The Tweak Is Heavy” serves more as an Outro even though it is the 2nd last song on the Mixtape. The beat rides on as Wiz plugs the 2050 Tour & other current and future projects n wraps it up with a bunch of shout outs. The final track on the Mixtape featuring French Montana is called ” Nothin Like The Rest” basically talking about how their sh*t is better than everybody else’s. It’s a slow song, kind of hypnotic instrumental. Seriously tho, French overkilled the ad-libs on this one. lmfao. huuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh’

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Cabin Fever 2.

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