Gossip: Jay-Z’s Secret Son By Shenelle Scott (Trinidadian Model) Surfaces Now That Beyonce’ Is Preggo!

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Beyonce’ announces that she’s got one in the oven curtousy of no other than the Jigga Man himself @ the the MTV Video Music Awards . . . Now that Beyonce’ is preggo talks of a secret Son of Jay-Z By Shenelle Scott a Trinidadian Model who Jay supposedly gave her $1 million to keep her mouth shut. They now live in Trinidad comfortably with the rest of their family . . .
Listen to Jay’s Ryhmes In This Sade Song, “Some Times you get what you need not what you think you want, so baby no Moon & Sky, got a beautiful Son?”!!!

Here’s Lil Jigga Man . . .

Here’s Baby Mama #1 !

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