Creator Of Hologram Tupac Explains How It All Happened & How Much It Can Cost To Perform This Display

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‘It was Dre’s vision to bring this back to life” Said Nick Smith, The President of AV Concepts the ones responsible for the Tupac hologram display at Coachella 2012. “We worked with Dr. Dre on this and it was Dre’s vision to bring this back to life,” he also states “It was his idea from the very beginning and we worked with him and his camp to utilize the technology to make it come to life.” The company has done visual displays for concerts including Celine Dion, Black Eyed Peas & Madonna!

The company won’t reveal how much it cost to display that stunningly real yet ghostly Hologram Tupac that appeared at Coachella but the president says it could cost anywhere from $100,000-$400,000 to pull off something similar to what we saw on stage @ Coachella last Sunday. Nick Smith of AV Concepts says: “I can’t say how much that event cost, but I can say it’s affordable in the sense that if we had to bring entertainers around world and create concerts across the country, we could put [artists] in every venue in the country,” yet Smith says he cannot comment on certain creative production details including the recreation of Pac’s voice. However we do know that Dr.Dre & his team were responsible for the direction of the detailed features on the hologram 2pac like his jewelry and tattoos.

Dre’s people have said that the creation of the 2pac image was by Hollywood effects house Digital Domain, they’ve worked on movies like Brad Pitt’s “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, Kevin Bacon in the “X-Men: First Class” movie & Rooney Mara in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

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