New Mixtape: Slim The Mobster War Music

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Aftermath’s Slim The Mobster Drops his new Mixtape with Whoo Kid ;) . . . Dr.Dre is featured on the single “Back Against The Wall” . . .

Click tracklist to download mixtape

1. Dreaming Ft. Nikkie Grier

2. What Goes Up Ft. Snoop Dogg

3. Fuck You Ft. Yummy Bingham

4. Falling Star Ft.. Nikki Grier and Sly

5. Back Against the Wall Ft. Dr. Dre & Sly

6. Martyr Ft. Prodigy

7. South Central Blues Ft. D Brown

8. Whose House Ft. Kendrick Lamar

9. See It

10. Gun Play

11. Take It Easy

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