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Miami rapper NoNo2x who we have posted several video releases for on our site has a new video out now for a special track titled “Real Life Shit”. As an avid “Bike Life” goer in Miami, NoNo2x has a deeply routed bike lifestyle story that speaks to many riders in Miami. It’s not uncommon to see large groups of dirt bikes and ATV’s pass you by pulling wheelies and tricks at death defying speeds wether on a high way or local traffic in Dade County Florida. Many of these stunts end in trajic circumstances, NoNo2x’s and many Miami natives have endured the losses of friends and family to this bike culture / lifestyle. NoNo2x had recorded this visual after an accident he had a couple of years back that had almost left him lifeless, the video was never released.

NoNo2x has again unfortunatly been involved in another serious bike accident, because of this incident his management [Mula Bands] has decided to order the release of this video. As NoNo2x is currently recovering in a Miami hospital our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family, we hope that the message in this video resonates with others that are living with the ride or die “bike life” mentality and helps them to learn about the real life consequenses behind these types of daring activities. We will keep our viewers up to date on the recovery of NoNo2x. Prayers Up & ride safe out there… Video ShotByShula The Don.

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